We are selling a hardwood mix, for $259 a cord. This wood comes to us as a mix, from tree service companies down the hill, and we do not have direct control over what's in it. We generally find ash, carob, sycamore, along with a selection of other hard woods, but always including softer wood like cedar or pine, so that you have something to get the fire started with. We also have straight eucalyptus, for $289. Eucalyptus is far and away the best value for heating from firewood, and will provide much more heat per dollar than Oak, Almond, or Propane. Though some claim that it's impossible to get started without some softer wood to work with.

Our prices are plus tax, with free delivery (of a cord or more) to Pearblossom, Littlerock, Llano, and Phelan. If that service area doesn't include you, try our partner operations: Wrightwood Firewood, Hi-Desert Firewood, or Victorville Firewood.We accept cash, a check payable to "Phelan Firewood" or a credit card.

Standard delivery is a dump from our 8 foot wide, 12 foot tall dump truck. Order a cord or more, and delivery is free. There is a $20 charge for delivering less than a cord. There will also be a charge of $40 or more for delivering outside of our usual delivery area. Stacking is available, at $40 a cord.

All our wood is cut relatively short, at 14 to 16 inches and suits the vast majority of our customers with stoves or fireplace inserts. The cross section of the wood is relatively large, at 4 to 6 inches in diameter, and there are approximately 600 pieces of wood in one of our cords.

We guarantee a full cord! That's 8' wide, X 4' deep, X 4' tall, when hand-stacked. If you come up short, we will gladly come out and make up the difference.

Place an order below, and get an available delivery time! Then, within 24 hours, we'll email, and call you back with a confirmation of the delivery time, and the final amount. Note that delivery times are somewhat approximate. We'll give you a call, usually before loading the truck, with a more accurate time, and to make sure that someone will be there. Or, if you can't be there, you can just leave the check under the mat, and we'll confirm over the phone just where you want the wood.

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Cash, Check, MC, Visa
1 Cord Eucalyptus

Cost $289
Heat Value 28M BTU
Weight 4500 lbs
Width 8'
Height 4'
Depth 4'
1 Cord Hardwood
Mix Firewood

Cost $259
Heat Value 20M BTU
Weight 3200 lbs
Width 8'
Height 4'
Depth 4'
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