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Best Way to Dispose of Fireplace Ashes

Everyone likes to enjoy burning wood in the fireplace during the rainy or winter season. The ashes build up whenever you get to enjoy the homey and comforting feeling and after some, it must be cleaned out. Cleaning should be done more often rather than waiting for its piling.

Ash house clearing services don’t necessarily require professionals to handle as compared to garbage. Two reasons why ash disposal is essential include:

a. A lot of ash levels reduce the amount of wood that can fit in the fire place.

b. The lifespan of the grate may be shortened if it comes in contact with deep ash levels thereby burning out much faster.

Needed Tools

  • Face mask to prevent ash inhaling
  • Ash bucket for carrying ash-it should be made of materials such as metal
  • Gloves that are fire resistant
  • Ash shovel for scooping the ash

Precautions when handling ash

  • Never set the ash bucket close to materials that can burn
  • Do not introduce any flammable materials to the ash
  • All ashes are considered hot at all times
  • Keep the ash in a well ventilated room to avoid inhaling carbon monoxide
  • Live embers must not be introduced to the ash
  • Store the ash bucket for at least three days before disposing of the ash in it
  • A small amount of water could be poured into the ash bucket

Ash Removal

Allow at least 24 hours after the fire goes out for all the coal inside the ash to cool down. After opening the fire place, have the ash bucket placed on the opening of the fire place. Scoop the ash sparing any live coals covered in ash to help you set the next fire easily. Once the sufficient amount of ash is removed, allow the ash to cool down away from any flammable materials such as paper and rags. In case you place the ash bucket outside the house, keep it away from direct wind or dried leaves.

The collected ash may be spread in the garden to serve as manure or dumped in the trash bin for proper disposal.


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