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Cleaning Your Home After the Long Winter Months

Winter can be a trying season not only in terms of withstanding the cold and frost. Sometimes it just creates a huge need for house cleaning after all is over, and you should take care of that as soon as possible, since winter has probably done a number on your home without you even knowing it. Winter is sneaky that way, yes. Doing the home cleaning in winter cold is also possible, but also counter-productive, since while winter is not gone, your problems will not go away as well. But once those first colours of spring hit your garden, here is what you need to do to get your home clean and be done with it:

The Easy Method

Let’s start with the easy way out. Get a cleaning company over, tell them you want a spring cleaning service, and let them loose upon the house. Professional cleaners know just where to look and what to do after the winter flood and will take care of your home faster than you thought possible. It all, of course comes at a price, but unless you are the best cleaner in the area, then the professionals will most likely do a much better job.

The Walkthrough

If you want to do it yourself, then first you need to know what you will have to clean. Here are the things that you need to be worried about when doing the after-winter domestic cleaning:

  • Mud stains: It’s not unusual to go outside during winter and return with a big ball of mud stuck to your soles, but to be too cold to care. Mud stains are rarely taken care of completely, so go through your floors (and rugs, if you have kids), and spot all the stains.
  • Water stains: Another thing that winter has in abundance is snow. And bringing in snow is often inevitable. And along with melted snow comes water. And if that snow was dirty, then the water stain becomes an actual stain. So make sure you retrace everywhere you’ve taken the snow.
  • Traces of mould: Winter months have one annoying feature and that is the high humidity of the air. When you come back home and bring in the snow, when it melts, it increases the humidity in your home. And with high levels of moisture in the air, or with poorly dried surfaces from the snow, comes mould. And that is something you have to check for.

The Cleanup

Once you locate all the sources of problems, you can start dealing with them one by one. Mud stains are pretty simple. You basically need a brush and pretty much any cleaner you can find, including homemade ones, like castle soap or baking soda. Apply, mix with water, scrub with brush till the stain is gone. Water stains, on the other hand, take some more scrubbing since they could penetrate the surface and deep-set themselves. They require some acidic cleaning solutions, such as the home cleaners vinegar and lemon juice, or just about any store-bought cleaner that cleans under the surface as well.

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