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Types of Home Heating Systems

When winter comes, you want your home to be warm and cosy, and ready to face all the cold issues that everybody will be having in your area. Winter can be quite brutal, and so we should do our best to provide the house with the best heating system to keep it nice and warm. But there are quite a few heating systems out there, and most of them can be very beneficial to your home. If you go to your local shop to get one, you are facing a tough decision. Here is what you get from the heating systems and what you should be looking for:

Furnace Heaters

This is the typical heating system used in most places, especially if you live in a block of flats. It is a system that heats up the air and uses ducts to send hot air in the rooms and make life a much warmer sensation. It’s all done through ducts which criss-cross around the block like a warren and provide heating for the entire building. The downside of this type of heating is that about 30% of the energy is wasted, and yet you have to pay for it. And furnace heater bills are not exactly cheap.

Boiler Heathers

This is a less common, but still widely used method of heating. It is exactly as it sounds like – it uses heated water to spread warm air through radiators found in a block of flats. The heated water is cycled around the pipes, and then returns to the boiler to be reheated and reused, which makes it a somewhat better system in terms of energy waste. There are some boilers that use oil as well for faster heating, but they are a rarity because of their expensive nature.

Heat Pumps

This type of heating system is basically an air conditioner that goes both ways. It moves heat from inside to the outside during summer and vice-versa in winter months. While a common heater, and one actively used for houses instead of flats, it is less effective and takes time to get properly working, which makes it a tough choice for your bills. But if you find a ground-source heat pump, you get much of the benefits and very little of the disadvantages.

Direct Heaters

These are pretty popular types of heating ‘systems’, but rarely used during the entirety of winter due to their expensive nature. Electrical space heaters are incredibly convenient in terms of taking up space and do not require other installation than the standard stand building, which is screwing the legs in, and plugging in the cords. They take little space and can solitarily heat up a whole room in no time. The drawback is that they are very wasteful in terms of energy and using them for a prolonged period of time might result in a pretty high electrical bill.

These are the types of heating systems you can find. Take your pick, do the proper installation (if required) and make sure you have a warm and cosy winter.

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